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Exclamation IMPORTANT: Request for guild invites

Hey everyone, I know that on the individual guild threads it says to private message either Astor or myself for our respective guilds, however Astor has been really busy lately so it'll be much simpler if everyone just private message me for submissions into both TWC and IMB until further notice.

That way I'll get everyone listed down and I'll get in contact with Astor with the full list so we can invite you to the guilds as soon as possible.

Also, for those of you who are already part of the guild, make sure to PM me anyway to let me know your characters name, class, advanced class (if you've decided) and role (if you've decided) and I'll update the guild roster accordingly.

That goes for everyone, include at least the name of the character you want us to enter into the guild so we know who to send the invite too... and don't forget, we're on the Vornskr server!


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