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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
T for Teen for a reason, so it's bound to be mild compared to real life...or at least compared to hentai and renderotica. At 13 I'd think most kids have an idea of what a pole dancer is/does anyways, even if they aren't fully aware of just what that would actually entail IRL.

Besides, most parents aren't going to shell out $150 for the collector's edition anyways just so their kid can spoil itself online--nor would they condone their minor spending so much chore money on one game.

Though I sure wish commercials of medicines and products relating to sexual intimacy weren't broadcast *right at dinner*--I'll never forget christmas last year at my neighbors' house, and their 8 year old son asked about erectile dysfunction and cervical incompetence. It was funny, but at the same time...
haha, really? Well, thats true, though i really think paying taht much money for a game is pretty stupid as your going to have to keep paying. But each to their own. Though any chance of a k3 id love if it was on 3ds. You may thinks its stupid, but imagine top quality starwars graphics in 3d...
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