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Ackbar, Meeting Room 3

"The pleasure is all mine, admiral." Kol replied, his tone suggesting something outside their working relationship. "Now, after our activity on Tatooine and Naboo, the Sith will be expecting us to investigate Dagobah. We know that whatever they're doing, they've been keeping it secret from even their own Troopers, so this is likely the only way we're going to find out what they're up to."

Ackbar, Medbay

Concentrating, Komad focused the restorative energy on Valek's broken leg, gradually restoring its functionality. "That should do it. It's healed, but I still wouldn't overexert myself if I were you."


"My Lord, we've received a message from Lord Vokun demanding you go accompany him to Dagobah at once. What are your orders?" One of the officers aboard Varith's ship sent down, failing to mention that Vokun was ordered to kill him if he didn't cooperate.

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