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I'd buy that for a dollar
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wots the date in 1 week? i relly don't no that number i nevr finishd scool i nevr lernd 2 add up days on a calendr today is a one and a three of dec. I dunno wut 'dec' meens culd u tell me plz kthxbai

......Nah I kid. The game is actually coming out in 1 week. Not sure how anyone who has looked it up could miss the date, but stranger things have happened.

Yup. 12/20/11

If you register at the SWTOR website in advance of throwing down $5 on a preorder (you have to type it in on your account) you get a color change crystal thingie to use in game on your lightsabers and blasters, like those rainbow lightsabers. Even if you don't buy the game right away. Me, I got my $150 lined up for a collector's edition. I'm a make a proud trip down to Best Buy to purchase it.

Then I just have to build a new computer...hopefully this holiday season won't leave me hurting too badly.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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