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"If they are expecting us we're most likely going to be running into heavy resistance. I'd say that due to Dagobah's terrain we're not going to be running into heavy vehicles, but rather infantry and possibly light air support such as small fighters. I'm not going to lie though...they may have a few suprises waiting for us."

Tavaryn gave a slight nod of acknowledgment. Dagobah was one of those worlds that was tricky in any situation. There were some options to consider. He replied, "What about ground forces? Could it be possible to use drop pods or drop ships and move in ground forces? Drop ships are more flexible in terms of mobility. The downside is that they are not heavily armored."

Well...yes. Try and sense Kavrik in the's almost like he's not there. At all.

Tavaryn left off for the admiral's consider his suggestion while he pondered Alriana's request. He could reach out and use the Force, he just didn't do it that often. He tried and he saw that she was right. Thing was he had felt that feeling before and mother once did it. He sent back, I am familiar with the sensation. A few family tricks. My brother would know.

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