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hey, thanks, thanks a lot, man!
the first real success, after so many months of searching, snooping, requesting and begging!

the map's cool, really!
and we'll surely be able to handle the "negatives" you mentioned!

i don't think that these black lines will be a big problem. and the option for ingame colour-changing would be a neat side-effect, but blue will do.
by the way, there is one-directional-lightning; it comes from one of the walls that the black lines point to.

so thanks again, that was a great pre-christmas-surprise!
it's far more that i was still expecting, after all.

nevertheless... if you should come across a solution for these black lines or the colour-changing-option, i'd be very interested to see it! besides, could your map be "broader" and "higher"? i mean, like a huge, hollow cube?

but sorry - i don't want to seem unhumble!
thanks a lot for making your map public.
maybe anyone else has got some ideas!
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