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Yeah for U.S., though I thought it was worldwide...I don't remeber but I'm sure you can look it up. Yea it requires a monthly subscription...IIRC Jae knows it. Something like $15/mo.?

I'd say, either you record your avdenture with a program like FRAPS or similar so you have something to go with the memories once you are done playing, OR you can wait for *years* until it is no longer supported because they took down their server. I'm sure in the case of the latter over a LAN and an emulator program you'll be able to mimic it. Least that's what SWG players have resolved to do now that Galaxies is no more.

Personally, I find now that I don't care to hang onto every game I ever owned, just the ones near and dear to me. After you get done and have played everything one really doesn't tend to touch it again. Unless it means something to you, you're just keeping excess baggage.
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