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Ackbar; Meeting Room Three

Once Belina introduced Alriana, Kavrik nodded a greeting to her. Then, he watched with faint amusement as she tried to hide her discomfort upon realizing she couldn't sense him. He tracked her subtle body language and caught a hint that led him to glance over to Tavaryn. As the other man glanced in his direction, Kavrik stared back, shooting him a knowing grin. From being around other Force sensitives, Kavrik knew how strange he must seem. It was something he'd long since learned to use to his advantage. Once the entertainment of watching their discomfort wore off a little, he'd do his part to set them at ease around him. For now, it was time to focus on the mission.

He listened in silence as the mission was laid out, withholding his questions for the end, just in case some of them were answered by the rest of the briefing. When another newcomer arrived, seemed to know Belina, and reported of a failed mission, Kavrik's interest was drawn. He finished off his hyper-caf in one final gulp, cleared his throat, and looked curiously at Belina.

"For those of us new to the scene," he said, "what's this artifact your soldier man was referring to?" He smirked faintly. "Or is that 'need-to-know'? In which case, how do I give myself that need to know?"

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