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If Revan again, on gender, decided whom they romanced or not.

If Not romanced, Revan is single.

Kotor 3 needs to be a direct sequel to Kotor 1 and post Kotor 2. Kotor 3 explains what happens to Revan's companions, Carth as Admiral. Finding Mandalore's mask. Uncovering a plot against Revan's life.

Also within the intro, Revan suffers from Force Exhastion. Basicly Revan overdid it on the StarForge and his force abilties are shut down for awhile. Also some of the intro does cover if he was still considered still dead or alive. If Dead at large, then he will not have a medal, if Alive at large, medals and people will take notice of you.

If Revan is male and Single, Bastila and he are close friends during Kotor 1, and she marries Zergreg(prounced Sir Greg) a Jedi Healer that he healed her wound after The Starforge battle. Zergreg is a quiet young man that devotes himself to the Jedi Healing arts and is a close friend of Bastila before and during Kotor 1.

If Revan is Female and Single or Male, Carth and her are close friends and Carth marries an attractive yet Reserved Jedi Counslar that is a Jedi Shadow. This Jedi Counslar thinks Carth is quite handsome and thinks his son is cute too. Also She is an sensible Carth Onasi fangirl.
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