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Did you hear that as well? She asked Tavaryn through their link. A message...I recieved a message though the force.

Tavaryn listened and he felt faint stirrings. He replied, Just the part about saving an innocent. What did it say exactly?

Then Tavaryn turned to address the one who was asking for the leader of his team. After giving his response, he was surprised that the same assumption everyone else seemed to make came out of his mouth. Then again it was his own fault that he carried his father's lightsaber.

"Hmm, you have the look of a leader, strange how I couldn't pick you out from the others. It seems so obvious, if I was still connected to the Force, I would've probably been able to pick you out."

"That's because I am no Jedi," Tavaryn replied with a firm stance. "I just happen to spend a lot of time around Jedi and Force Sensitives." He would rather have this guy ask him straight out what he was or try to draw it out by questions. Meanwhile, he focused on the meeting. If he was being called into duty again, he was going to have to get all the specifics. He listened while Master Skywalker gave his plan and input.

"The Jedi I had in mind were Master Kaltas and his son, and I trust Tavaryn will be coming as well."

Tavaryn interjected, "Master Jedi we still have our Avalonian allies both Jedi and soldiers alike. They are still sore about the Sith managing to invade their space and would like any opportunity to help deal a blow. Plus they have some equipment that would be harder to obtain from other sources."

Tavaryn looked around the room. He looked at Belina and said, "That is why I was named the Sentinel. To reiterate this to the resistance."

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