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"Master Jedi we still have our Avalonian allies both Jedi and soldiers alike. They are still sore about the Sith managing to invade their space and would like any opportunity to help deal a blow. Plus they have some equipment that would be harder to obtain from other sources."

"We're all sore about that, and at least they've still got Avalon. But you're right. We'll welcome as many as direction allows." Kol replied.

"I would like to come along on this mission as well. I've had previous experience in fighing sith and I feel I could be useful."

Turning to Alriana, he added, "There's a reason I didn't mention Master Kaltas's daughter as well as his son."

"She won't be happy about this." Komad commented.

"You daughter is a grown woman and a Jedi Knight." Kol replied. "If she was only putting her own life on the line, it would be different. On that, she and I agree."

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