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It said that if we wished to save an innocent life, we should go to the abandoned resistance base in the Kivoran system and we should leave quickly. I think that we're needed there urgently.

Tavaryn thought about it for a moment. He then sent, Is it wise? Do you know who it is from?

"We're all sore about that, and at least they've still got Avalon. But you're right. We'll welcome as many as direction allows." Kol replied.

Tavaryn gave a respectful nod to the Jedi. He then replied, "Fen'Harel of the Shinigami will be able to relay anything you wish to request."

"I would like to come along on this mission as well. I've had previous experience in fighing sith and I feel I could be useful."

Tavaryn couldn't help but send via their link, Are you trying to make me any older than I already am? There is a reason Master Skywalker didn't mention Kalla going and he's not an apprentice either.

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