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^I thought as much. Okay then, no matter!

Anyway, production on this tweak pack has begun! I drew up a list of some of the main things I want to accomplish here, have completed the first three tasks which I set myself.

Here's the list for those interested:
Originally Posted by KotOR Tweak Pack

Change the default Soldier clothing so that it is the Republic Soldier Uniform.

Done with an appearance.2da tweak rather than a model swap, so that if anyone has a mod installed which alters the Republic Soldier uniforms, then their PC's attire will correspond.

Make the Sith Trooper armours available to the player, integrating them seamlessly into the game.

They can now be found inside the lockers aboard the Leviathan and can be found by the player after being released from the cell. Also tweaked the textures a little, as they were FAR too shiny.

Maka all three of the Mandalorian armours available to the player, intnegrating them seemlessly into the game.
  • The blue armour is now worn by Jagi and can be removed from his corpse after you defeat him.
  • Canderous will be wearing the red armour when he joins your party. He will also be wearing it each time you see him on Taris.
  • You will get the yellow armour from the Duel Organizer in the Upper City, at the same time as he gives you Bendak Starkiller's blaster.
  • Also, several (though not all) of the Mandalorians you encounter throughout the game will also drop their armour for you to pick up and wear.
Change the names of the various NPC's throughout the game who were given names in dialog, but were given generic titles in their templates. The only ones I can think of at the moment are the Janitor in the Taris apartments, the Gatekeeper and Healer in the Outcase Village, the Sith Apprentice in the Korriban Academy and the Waitress in the Black Vulkar Base on Taris.


Correct/change/tweak the appearances (mainly clothing and armour) of various NPC's throughout the game to make things seem a little more realistic.

To do

Introduce some way to duel some of the other students in the Sith Academy. Not sure exactly how this would work due to lack of voice overs. May have to re-use some of the existing lines. Will have to look through the existing dialog files.

To do.

Give Ergeron the Mandalorian on Manaan the appearance of a Mandalorian.

To do.

Change the lightsaber hilt model to something better.

Planning to use my Revan lightsaber model for this. Will have to get a better texture done for it before I implement this feature.

Create new portraits for the Party Members.
I will be keeping an eye out for other things which I feel could use improving whilst testing features i've already implemented.


I realise that a lot of the features that will be/are included in this mod are things which may have already been modded into the game by other members of the community. I am in no way going to plagiarize anybody elses work, nor am I going to in any way attempt to force people into using my mod over any other.

I am making this mod because it is something I want to do, and I feel that if all these features are modded in by one author as opposed to many, then support may be easier to come by.

Just thought I should mention that.

So yeah, work is underway on this and I should have some screenies up reasonable soon!

Any questions/comments/reasonable suggestions, feel free to post!

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