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The presence that sent the message feels very familiar but I just can't place it. For all I know it could be someone that we've met in our travels or possibly someone who holds a grudge against us. But still, if there is an innocent life at stake we should investigate as soon as possible.

Tavaryn gave a slight motion with his head as if to stretch his neck muscles. He then replied, Perhaps in private with Master Skywalker? It would be better.

Yes to the first question. But I feel that I could be an asset to the mission. And I'm sure that I can keep the baby safe as well. But if you really don't want me to come along you could always take Xandros along. He has quite a bit of experience.

Tavaryn gave a side glance and caught Alriana's smirk. He loved her for her sense of humor as well as her spirit. To make her be anything that wasn't her was stupid. He sent back, It's easy to think of yourself but harder when you have to consider those that matter to you. However the reason I love is because of who you are. I trust you even if I do worry especially now. Part of it is... well I'll tell you later. Besides you're not the only one who knows the Sith. He gave a slight smile.

Hmm. If I may ask, what are you, exactly?

Tavaryn moved to adjust his standing position while strategy was being set. He maneuvered until he was within whispering distance to Valek. He was aware that the soldier probably felt like an idiot but it was hardly his fault that he didn't know about him and the order. He replied in a side whisper, "In response to your question, I'm just someone who watches the Jedi and protects them."

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