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In response to Valek, Komad stated, "That's the plan. Our best option is to go in with no more than two dropships' worth of Guardsmen and Jedi."

"At this point, there's little left to discuss, and time is of the essence. Admiral, we'll need your best Guardsmen ready to go in the hangar in one hour. I'll do the same with the Jedi." Master Skywalker told Belina.

"Five 'Jedi' still isn't much, Master." Komad pointed out.

"When I said noone else was available, I was mistake. Masters Vel and Mede are on their way from Tython to join us." Kol replied.

"Four Jedi Masters, one Jedi Knight, one ex-Jedi, and one Shinigami. That's a bit more reassuring." Komad commented.

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