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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Sounds like it'd be too harsh on those not preparing for battle properly
Perhaps, but it's not that much different from how dragon fights currently are if you prepare for them ahead of time. Once you get reasonably high level and accumulate good gear (or become skilled enough at enchanting/smithing to make your own) dragon fights aren't that tough. Stock up on fire/frost resist gear (and swap depending on what you run across) and their breath weapons won't harm you much. Toss Spellbreaker and a few blocking perks in and you can stand in a dragon breath and take essentially no damage at all.

The Flemeth intro cutscene at the beginning of Ðragon Age 2 is how I envision a flying dragon would fight. When they don't it just feels like the dragons are going easy on you. They're big and strong and should have no trouble snatching a little human or elf off the ground. It should be suicidal to take on a dragon without being prepared. Buying a few potions of Slowfall seems like a reasonable life insurance when heading off to do battle against them.

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