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Ackbar Meeting room

I sense it to be a child moi chroi. Perhaps we should bring this to the attention to Master Skywalker.

Alriana thought for a moment. I agree. She sent through the link. But I sense that whatever we do should be done quickly. I can't help but think that whoever this child is is running out of time.

"Admiral, we'll need your best Guardsmen ready to go in the hangar in one hour. I'll do the same with the Jedi."

Belina nodded. "I think we can accomplish this mission with only two squads. "Alpha team will be going obviously, they're the best squad that we have. And I'm thinking that we can also send out Sierra squad. They recently finished up a recon mission a few days ago and currently aren't doing anything."

Alriana looked over at Master Skywalker. "Master Skywalker, Tavaryn and I have picked up a distress call through the force. It feels like a child somewhere is in trouble and needs help as soon as possible."
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