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Time for a wee update!

Here's a couple of screenies from Korriban!

No sexy ones today though, i'm on another machine with no Photoshop

The Czerka people on Korriban are now actually wearing Czerka Uniforms:

The Sith interrogator is now dressed in the red trooper armour, and the various guards in the academy and valley are now all dressed as troopers as well. (A mixture of the reds and silvers). Also, the prisoner now actually LOOKS like a Mandalorian.

The hostages in the academy are now dressed like republic soldiers:

The other students now wear robes whilst in the academy/valley:

(For some reason, they don't want to wear them in Dreshdae, i'll need to look into it).

Also, Uthar will be wearing this outfit I made a while back:

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