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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Meh. Those I kinda get. Half-naked Nord bandits (inventory: fur armor, fur shoes, iron dagger, lockpick, 6 gold, potion of minor stamina) should not take 10 minutes and 27 restarts to kill. I mean, seriously, make this guy the Bandit Chief cuz the guy with the title and the heavy armor went down in like two swings.
hehe.. true enough
Seeing many disproportionate leader/goon roles.

I hate fighting the forsworn "goons" moreso than the Briarheart leaders. I just pickpocket the briarheart and they die instantly The goons I actually have to beat down

Though a lot of that is swarm tactics. One-on-one I usually don't have that many problems with encounters, melee or magic. So far, it's been the advantage of my sneaky/assassin IF I see them first. The moment I get swarmed, I'm boned. Hagravens tend to summon immediately then fireball spam (lately dual trolls or other insane creature at my level.. ugh) and Wisp Mothers tend to appear randomly with wisp encounters, only appearing after the first kill and landing icy spikes in my arse as I'm dealing with the other 2 wisps... hehe.

It's easier to take down a dragon than these 2 particular encounters for my particular playstyle. Though remind me to never run in to the bandits that are in your game... don't think I've ran in to any that tough in mine (or I have had the luck of landing the first, usually critical/sneak, first). May have to test their abilities just in case.. though admittedly, I tend to "potion up" (Alchemy 100) for the boss fights. May be why they're not as much problems as enemy fodder.

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