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Ackbar meeting room

"I'd suggest Omega squad as well. They've just finished their little campaign in the Outer Rim, and are looking for some action."

Belina shrugged. "I suppose three squads couldn't hurt. Good suggestion Valek. Garja, all three squads are to be briefed on the upcoming mission. Make sure they're all prepared."

"As you wish Admiral."

"Any armorsmiths in here?"

Garja thought for a moment. "I believe the section where you can get your armor repaired is on deck 7 section 32. Thats where most of the repairs are made on this ship. If you need to have anything replaced your best bet is to talk to our quartermaster."

"Very well. I'd ask that you leave as soon as possible, and that you not go alone."

"Yes Master Skywalker." Alriana said as she got up. "I was hoping I could complete this mission before you deploy for Dagobah and I still intend to try to make it back in time. Do you have anyone you wish to accompany me?"
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