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Sith Inquisitor Quest (spoilers possible)

I think this goes here, but I'm not sure. :S

Okay, so I got my ship from Lord Zash... or well if you've progressed far enough, you'll know that her name changes :P ... anyway, so like I went to gather an artifact from Tulak Hord on the first planet, Balmorra I think is it's name... and I'd check but they're knocking the servers offline, and I finished up the Inquisitor quest line there, at least up until the final quest. Now there's this huge Mutated Calaroid (sp?) Broodmaster. It is the exact level as me and I'm not gonna lie, it's kicking my ass due to the adds that it spawns like three times during the fight. Has anyone gotten past this fight without getting up to 20 for Chain Lightning?

(Yes, I am a Sith Sorcerer)
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