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Ackbar meeting room

"I'll join you for the rescue, if you'll have me, and I promise we'll get to Dagobah before they have too much fun without us."

Alriana smiled faintly. "Your welcome to come along with us. And as for getting us to Dagobah I'm going to hold you to that." She said jokingly.

She looked up at Kalla Kaltas as she entered the room and thought for a moment as she heard that she was coming along as well. "I'm glad that your coming along." She said.

"Master Jedi, might I suggest that one of the Shinigami accompany the group along with Lady Jun-la? Shinigami are capable of scouting without being seen and there is a brother available."

"I would welcome Lady Jun-la's presence on this mission." Alriana said. She always enjoyed chatting with Jun-la and she did have a few questions for her about raising a force sensative child.

Perhaps you would consider having Xandros accompany you?

Alriana thought for a moment and than smiled. I would welcome his help. I think he's been wanting to talk to me since he was brought out of cryosleep but hasn't had the opportunity.

She felt a tremor in the force and her smile quickly disappeared. She could feel that something was wrong with the child. It was becoming more and more frightend by something.

"Something is wrong..." She said quietly. "We need to leave now. I sense that something is happening that is causing the child great fear."

Abandoned Resistance Base
Kivoran System

Velra was afraid.

She had been watching the viewports carefully and was now watching the two ships that had dropped out of hyperspace carefully approach the resistance base. For some reason the shuttle's power was draining faster now and she had no idea what to do.

Her father had promised her that she would be alright. She hoped that he was right because it looked like shuttles were heading deeper and deeper into the system looking for secrets that may have been hidden. Sooner or later she had the feeling that they would find her.
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