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Ackbar Meeting Room.

I think it is more along the lines about you and me. I may appear oblivious at times but I still pay attention.

Alriana looked over at him and a slight smile appeared on her face. You think that he may be upset that you and I are together? She sent through the link.

"I suggest that the team leave to rescue the girl now. I am sure that Jun-la could get them there and back in the Ebon Hawk."

"Xandros, this is Jedi Alriana. Please report to the starboard hanger bay. We're going on a mission and we could use your help." Alriana sent as she headed for the door.

Xandros's voice answered back. "On my way. I'll be in the hanger bay in a few minutes."

Alriana then sent a message to Jun-la via the comnlink. "Lady Jun-la, this is Alriana. We're about to go out on a mission and we're wondering if you would like to come along."

She then turned to look at Kavrik and then at Tavaryn. "Kavrik, if we end up taking the Ebon Hawk do you think you could bring your ship along as backup in case we run into trouble? I'd rather be safe then sorry and something is really scaring this child."
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