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As Valek heard them talk amongst themselves on what ship to use, as well as some 'child', Garja told him that he could head to deck 7 - section 32 to get his armor repaired.

"If you need me, I'll either be in my quarters, or at the armorsmith's.", he said to Xeran.

He said a quick "Thanks." to Garja, and strutted towards the elevator to ask a fellow crewmember where the crew quarters were. He took him to the crew deck, and Valek left him in the elevator. He found a long hallway, with adjacent doors on both walls, perfectly symmetrical. He walked into one room, and saw a woman getting changed. He quickly turned around and locked the door, walking swiftly down the corridor. He went inside another room, and found it empty. He made it his own, and used his lightsaber to carve a small 'V' near the access panel on the door.

He threw his weapons into a plasteel cylinder at the corner of the room, and took off his armor, placing it onto a workbench. Obviously, he still wore his jumpsuit, but there was a tear near his right shoulder. He shrugged it off, and focused himself at the armor. The right shoulder guard could be easily refitted on, but the mechanism that connects it to the mesh had been melted. He needed another one. The main plate of armor on the lower chest area of the armor mesh had been split, and there was a missing plate of metal and mesh near the leg area. It was obviously the place where his tibia was fractured by the vibro-ax.

He then looked at the helmet, and noticed that the only area damaged was the fractured black visor. He noticed that it offered less that 45% visibility, and promptly ripped it from the helmet, completely unusable. He had to repair his armor before he had to go to Dagobah, so he made a list of the armor components onto his datapad:

1.) Right shoulder connector mechanism
2.) Sheet of durasteel (for chest)
3.) Leg mesh
4.) Sheet of durasteel (for leg)
5.) Black Visor
6.) Right wrist bracer

He then strutted down to the elevator, and went to deck 7 - section 32. He saw the quartermaster leaning on the wall perpendicular to Valek, so he walked towards him.

"Looks like your armor needs some fixin'." , the quartermaster said, as he saw Valek approach him.

"Yes, and I'm heading on a mission in a few. Think you could get the armor repaired?", asked Valek.

"Well, I could, but there's a price.", said the quartermaster, holding out his hand.

Valek stood, knowing he had no credits on him, and simply stared at the man.

"But,", the quartermaster said with a grin, "since you're a soldier, and an ex-Jedi at that, you'll get your armor repaired for free."

How did he...?, Valek thought to himself. It doesn't matter, he needs his armor done as quickly as possible.

"Sure, fine. go for it. I'll be back in a few minutes.", Valek replied.

He handed the man the armor and the datapad, and entered the elevator to head to his quarters.

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