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Alderaan News Holopics: Submit your Screenshot here!

With Star Wars: The Old Republic officially in full swing now, we're going to be starting a weekly article on in which we feature screenshots taken by you fans titled "Alderaan News Holopics". This is one of the places you can submit a screenshot for use in the article, simply leave a screenshot with a caption or blurb describing the shot and we'll stick it in next week's article. Some quick tips for taking screenshots...

- Hit Alt + Z in the game before you hit Prt Scrn to hide the UI and take a much cleaner shot
- Screenshots taken via the Prt Scrn button on the keyboard are automatically stored in a SWTOR folder in your "My Documents" folder
- You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in all the way and get shots from your characters POV
- Holding the left click on the mouse allows you to freely rotate the camera for different angles
- Explore, explore, explore there is a lot of scenery in the galaxy!

If you need an alternate place to submit your screenshots you either PM me here on LF or e-mail me at I hope you all are having a very Merry Christmas and a festive holiday season.

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