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1) Spend the extra $30 and get a 2500k. It's faster out of the box, has the full HD 3000 GPU and gives you the option of overclocking it if you decide that you want to do that in the future.

2) That motherboard is a solid choice, as is your choice of cooler. Unfortunately, that motherboard is no longer available. I'm a Gigabyte guy, so I recommend the closest Gigabyte equivalent.

3) Why did you choose that memory? Just get 2x4GB Vengeance or XMS3 and save yourself ~$100.

4) Now is NOT the time to buy a platter HDD of any kind. There is a severe shortage of conventional HDDs due to flooding in southeast Asia and prices on spindle drives have tripled. I'd spend that money on a 128GB SSD instead, and get a spindle drive for storage later on when the prices fall back to reasonable levels. From what they have available, I'd recommend the Crucial M4. It's fast, reliable and they even have it at a reasonable price. If you have any external drives or even an old, unused internal HDD lying around that you could use for storage, you could squeak by until the prices drop. I know it sounds crazy, but you will end up with a far faster computer this way for about the same amount of money.

5) Get a BluRay burner, then spend the couple extra dollars and get a DVD burner instead of just a reader, then do all non-BluRay burning on the cheaper drive.

6) Get a GTX 560 Ti instead of a GTX 560. It's more powerful and not much more expensive. There is nothing wrong with Zotac's hardware (yes, I have personal experience with it), and they have the cheapest one @ $235. As far as Nvidia vs. AMD/ATI, I stick with Nvidia because from what I have gathered, people generally have fewer problems running older games on Nvidia cards. I can say with confidence that KotOR runs fine on mine (GTX 460) with a minimum of fuss. Maybe D3 or stingerhs can chime in about AMD/ATI and older games. I do know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with AMD/ATI from a hardware perspective. Their GPUs are every bit as good as Nvidia's.

7) Do you really need a sound card? On-board audio has gotten good enough that most people leave this option off, now. I don't know anything about the USB box that you selected, other than that it does not support multi-channel analog output. I have the PCIe X-Fi Titanium, which is the base X-Fi model, which they're selling for ~$100 (I got it for less than half that). There are 2 cases where an X-Fi is worth buying:
a) You do a lot of gaming while wearing headphones. X-Fi can deliver realistic surround sound effects to normal headphones. Realtek on-board cannot do this well, and sounds extremely crappy in comparison.
b) You have a digital receiver and want to stream your game audio in 5.1 to it via either optical or coaxial cable. Internal X-Fi cards can take a PC game's PCM audio, encode it into either DTS 5.1 or Dolby Digital 5.1 and then stream it to your digital receiver. Realtek on-board can't do this at all.
That little box looks like it might be able to do the above, but I don't know if it can. If it can't, then there's no point in getting it, IMO.

8) Spend the extra $50 and get a better power supply. The one I chose is good, doesn't have a ridiculous markup and has enough power to allow you to add a second GTX 560Ti if you want to in the future, which is a good idea if you want to run multiple monitors.

OK, here's what I came up with. Merry Christmas, Prime.

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Fix their home team score on the board to the debt clock, they can win every game 17,000,000,000,000 to 24. Losing team gets taxed by the IRS 100%, then droned."

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