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Which Graphics card should I get?

Hey, it's me asking about computer specs again I haven't gotten TOR yet, but plan to after I get my setup straightened out. My specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.60 GHz
Windows 7 32-bit
Integrated nVidia Graphics
250W psu

If you need more information on my computer, here's the complete description

I need something cheap, and 2 choices I've looked up are:


I chose the Newegg one for the rebate, and the Bestbuy one because I have a $50 gift card for them. I did research graphics cards so it wasn't just money that decided for me.

I'm pretty sure that these would play TOR with my current computer specs, but the big question that isn't really answered on their product descriptions is the power supply. Since both of them don't say, I assume it doesn't matter? That's where I need help. Please guide me as to which I should get, but remember, I only want to be able to play TOR smoothly, nothing else, I have a 360 for my other gaming needs.

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