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All my characters have been male Nords.

Proficient with two-handed (wildlife control/mobs), one-handed/shield (bosses/archers), and dual-wield (dragons). Mixes it up with both light and heavy armor (Studded leather upon arriving in Riverwood, Wolf after joining the Companions, Stormcloak/Officer during the Civil War, then switches over to steel plate for the main quest). I drop a couple of points in Speech to make trading more effective, but mostly I'm just a tank that relies on good Skyforge steel and handful of shouts to save the world.

It drives Mimi nuts, but character doesn't pick locks or loot weapons/armor. With the exception of Wuuthrad, Wolf armor, and the gifted Skyforge weapon, I don't use anything that I didn't craft myself after digging the materials out the ground or skin off something I killed.
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