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TOR ate my KotOR
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I’m loving it...
That does not mean I haven’t been frustrated as hell at times while playing or there are not parts that I absolutely hate with a passion bordering on the darkside.

Not really sure if it is my choice in class or my choice in purchasing a drivers license rather than my Wookiee a decent weapon, but at times I get overwhelmed by elite enemies. That is a bit strong. I get killed by them, what is so frustrating is I’m usually only one or two more hits on them from winning. This frustrates the hell out of me and makes me want to go back to Skyrim, but it is also my great joy when I finally manage to defeat the enemy. Most of the battles I have problems with are not even necessary to continue the story. They are either the top bonus mission or just an elite I happened upon. I guess another of my problems is wanting to kill every bad guy/girl and let the force sort it out.

Story wise my smuggler has me hooked. A smart mouth, pretend tough girl with a heart of gold, but also willing to bend the rules for gold credits in her pocket. I’ve messed with Jedi knight and Sith Inquisitor too. Really enjoyed the start of the Sith Inquisitor story line and think that will be my second run through, but the smuggler will be my main character. I can’t wait to try alt smuggler, if that tells you anything about I feel about smuggler.

Never thought I'd play a MMO, but here I am and I'm loving it.
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