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TOR ate my KotOR
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Nord female with fur in her ears (according to some of the guards). Main weapon two handed great sword enchanted with fire and wears Ancient Nord Armor crafted at the Skyforge.

Skilled in two-handed and speechcraft, she will try to talk her way out of a fight, but is more than capable of beating someone upside the head should that fail. She has a house in Whiterun where her wife Camilla Valerius has set up shop.

Show spoiler

Unlike Achilles, she isn’t above picking a lock or stripping an enemy of all their goods for profit. She does not steal (at least from the living) and she doesn’t murder the innocent. Although she isn't above assault if you get in her way. She is head of the The College of Winterhold, but isn’t really into magic, but is smart enough to know that a well placed fireball can keep the frost trolls away. She is the leader of The Companions, but likes exploring Skyrim alone.

Vampire and Dragons beware, Angel is lurking somewhere in Skyrim (Although she is hibernating right now as I’m busy with TOR).

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