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Not quite certain about Revan, still reading D. Karpyshyn's book. But...

1. Why did you play KotOR 1 & 2 then? After all, it's been posted on Wookieepedia, even the Exile's spanking-new canon name. So what's the use? I'm assuming you DID play those two.
2. AFAIK, TOR is a MMORPG. Same as normal cRPG, but online. Nobody forces you to play online games.
3. If you want free MMO, download D&D Online or LOTRO. But beware: they're kinda dull. No idea what TOR's like though.
4. How much did you get both KotOR's for? They're not free either, unless you got pirated copies.
5. And last but least - the sentence "in the mmo it is interactive and i personally prefer a game like star wars to be a my self only character based game i don't want to have to compete against other players online all i want is the story i could care less about them" is not written correctly. Long bunches of sentences merged into one are difficult to read, even if you're Joyce
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