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I am a Nord female thief, dark-haired and blue-eyed with a smile on her lips at all times I'm only level 13 or somesuch but i'm cultivating a Robin Hood style thieve from the rich, give to the poor sort of attitude. Try not to kill too many people and be overall 'good' in a free-spirited sort of way. Also intend to join the Nightingales, if i can figure out how to actually go about doing this and intend to join up with the stormcloaks when i finally get round to heading to Windhelm, but there are just too many distractions in Riften/Solitude/Whiterun - the only cities i've visited so far haha.

Also started a male imperial. Intended to make him look like Kit Harrington/Jon Snow, but ended up with a sort of grizzled Orlando Bloom. ho-hum. Not really sure where to take this guy, wavering between profit-minded mercenary ******* or duty-driven, sad-eyed wandering warrior.
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