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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
What sort of characters are you guys playing?
I've made 4 characters so far at various stages of completion:
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First character is a Nord, since I always make my first char in Elder Scrolls games a native of the province where the game takes place. She was mostly experimental to try out the game mechanics, but eventually settled on being a light-armored skirmisher dual-wielding longswords. Gotten up to level 42 finishing the main plot, the College plot and various side quests and she is now in hibernation.

Second character is a Breton girl. While she's primarily a mage mastering all schools except for Illusion she's not beyond unsheathing Dawnbreaker whenever that would better serve her. Wears light armor (legendary-upgraded hide armor) and prefers to sneak around to gain the initiative in fights. My most accomplished character so far, at level 64. She has finished the main plot, mastered all the Shouts, is Harbinger of the Companions, Archmage of the College, a member of the Bards College, Thane of all holds in Skyrim except Windhelm, owns a house in every city where one is available, and has wiped the Dark Brotherhood from the face of Tamriel for having the audacity to come after her. She has not gotten involved in the civil war though since she feels both leaders are jerks and neither side's cause is noble.

Third character is a Redguard woman, focusing on straight melee combat with heavy armor and wielding a twohanded greatsword. My least played/accomplished character so far, at level 18 having not really done anything of note yet, mostly delving into crypts and dungeons looking for Word Walls.

Fourth (and current) character is a wood elf girl. True to the bosmer stereotype she's a sniper archer, focusing primarily on Sneak and Archery, though she's fairly accomplished at Conjuration as well since she uses a Bound Bow as her primary weapon ever since she found a Tome teaching it in an old ruin, fairly early on. She has also dabbled enough in Illusion to pick up the Quiet Casting perk. Rather frail (since she almost never gets hit her armor skills are abysmally low) but with frightening damage output (I'd guess about 99% of her arrows are sneak attacks), she relies on surprise, speed and evasion to take out enemies. At level 38 currently, having finished the main plot and working her way through the College and Companions plots. She was approached by the Thieves Guild, but since every single member of the Guild she's run into so far seemed to be nothing but jerks and lowly thugs doing the bidding of the local crime boss she declined to join them. (Missing the Robin Hood styled thief quests that Morrowind had...)

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
I'm playing a female high elf most skilled in one-handed weapons.
Is it just my view being colored by the Thalmor, or is pretty much every single high elf you run across in the game a self-absorbed jerk? It's almost as if they've gone out of their way to make that entire race as unsympathetic as they could in this game.

(Almost makes me want to make a High Elf character that's pleasant and helpful to everyone just to offset it. That and the speed/damage advantage they have over all the other races. )

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Haven't had a problem with the Legion, but the Thalmor have attacked me on sight since the beginning. The Thalmor patrols and the Dark Brotherhood assassins make sure Angel stays on her toes.
The Thalmor and Dark Brotherhood attacks are a bit peculiar. I never got attacked by either (outside of quests) on my first Nord character, while both have come after my other characters. I got attacked by a Thalmor patrol on sight with my wood elf before having done any quests at all aside from escaping from Helgen, so it seems them going after you is automatic and not due to something you do. (The leader of the patrol has the Execution orders letter on her.)

Either I got lucky or it seems the DB assassins stop attacking if you eradicate the Dark Brotherhood. My breton never saw one of them again after cleaning out their sanctuary at least. Would make sense, but so far this game hasn't been very big on making consequences of your actions manifest in-game other than the odd random encounter, so you never know.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
To quote General Tullius, "I'm sure it was all just some misunderstanding".
I've stayed away from both the Legion and Stormcloaks on all my characters so far, since the Empire is corrupt, nepotistic, decadent and on the verge of collapse, and Ulfric and his cronies are Nord Supremacists who care more about their own power than the well-being of the people of Skyrim (that and how Ulfric treated the native bretons of the Reach, resulting in the current Forsworn situation).

Also, it seems like regardless of which side you join you have no choice but to make the local crime boss into Jarl in one of the major cities (Thongvor Silver-Blood becomes Jarl of Markarth if you join the Stormcloaks, Maven Black-Briar Jark of Riften if you join the Imperials). Though it seems the former can't be avoided since Tullius just folds over and gives Ulfric Markarth during the main plot no matter what you do.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Everyone seems to be playing Nords. Is this for story/lore reasons? I'm guessing it does make more sense (or seems more romantic) for a dragonborn to be a Nord. But why no love for Argonians? xD
My first character in Morrowind was a Dark Elf, and in Oblivion an Imperial, so it's sort of tradition to make a native of the province the game takes part in as first character. In Morrowind and Oblivion(?) it was also helpful since you got a Disposition bonus when talking to NPCs of the same race as you, and the "native" race had the most NPCs by far.

It might apply to a lesser degree in Skyrim as well. While the Disposition system is gone many Nords seem to be racists to some degree so you might get treated better by a few of them if you're a fellow Nord.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Now get back to fighting for the legion, we have no policies barring former prisoners from joining our ranks as auxilliaries tasked with super-critical missions.
He wouldn't be the first general in history to use convicts or others considered to be expendable as shock troops and send them on highly dangerous missions.

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