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I'm level 6 Redguard: black, clean-shaved, massive and muscular and with a penchant for two-handed warhammers (which doesn't seem like a wise choice from what I've heard about dual-wielding). I'm a sellsword with a peculiar sense of moral (already challenged the Daedric Prince Hircine once and took what I thought was the lesser bounty because I didn't like the idea of hunting someone that was outnumbered).

Originally Posted by stoffe
It might apply to a lesser degree in Skyrim as well. While the Disposition system is gone many Nords seem to be racists to some degree so you might get treated better by a few of them if you're a fellow Nord.
A few people are openly hostile to my Redguard character but most don't seem to mind so far. I'm guessing things are a bit more tricky if you'er an elf.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
But why no love for Argonians? xD
Skyrim has not enough rivers and no marsh to speak of, I believe.


.Bioshock inspiration.
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