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Originally Posted by Red Hessian View Post
Yup. I started to play a Khajiit for just that reason and all I got was: "Stay out of trouble Khajiit." and "What do you want... cat?"

I would welcome a little open hostility from the locals, actually. Kinda wish Beth made a similar system like Bioware in Dragon Age: Origins, i.e. despite being a Warden, you would still be treated as dirt if you're an elf amongst humans.
Overall it seems like your race matters very little other than the occasional "What do you want little elf?" oneliner from Nord NPCs. Even the Thalmor goons are cackling about elven supremacy and mankind knowing its place while fighting my wood elf.

But I guess most NPCs have better things to do than picking on the weird bosmer that could kill them without lifting a finger.

Speaking of NPC feedback, it would have been a nice touch if the bards in taverns were singing about your feat after finishing the main quest. Vanquishing Alduin, a deity of the Nordic pantheon, does seem like it would be good bards tale material. Sure, they do get a new song after you finish the main quest, but for some reason they're singing about the confrontation between Alduin and Felldir, Hakon and Gormlaith thousands of years ago instead.

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