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Originally Posted by Redeemed Jedi View Post
Was wondering which side everyone chose (if they have yet) Imperials or Stormcloaks?

I am undecided right now.
I've stayed out of the Civil War entirely on all my characters since neither side has a just cause or sympathetic leadership. No matter which side you'd pick there would be unpleasant consequences.

The Empire:
Seems to be just one step away from total collapse. Rampant corruption, nepotistic rule, the justice system has all but collapsed (they were about to lop your head off without even being accused of anything), having the right connections allows you to get away with anything. Allows the Thalmor to do whatever they want within imperial territories and even lends them a hand on occasion.

If you aid them Maven Black-Briar (the local crime boss) will be installed as Jarl of Riften since she has connections in the Imperial City. (She gets my top vote for #1 NPC to deserve losing her Essential/Unkillable flag.)

The Stormcloaks:
Nord Supremacists, wants to toss out or subjugate all non-Nords in Skyrim. Racists looking down on all who aren't a Nord, which is evident for anyone spending any time talking to people in Windhelm, Ulfric's capital.

After taking back The Reach and Markarth from its native Breton population (who at the time were on the verge of being recognized as a independent kingdom by the Empire) Ulfric ruthlessly persecuted anyone who had cooperated in any way with that kingdom and essentially enslaved the natives, resulting in the forming of the Forsworn movement by survivors who fled into the wilderness. (See the in-game book Bear of Markarth for the history of that.) Ulfric Stormcloak is not a nice guy by any standards. The Greybeards certainly aren't picky who they choose to train in using the Voice.

If you help the Stormcloaks then Thongvor Silver-Blood ends up being Jarl of Markarth. The Silver-Blood family's criminal activities are quite evident in the game, and they look upon the native bretons as little more than slave labor meant to toil in the mines.


So yeah. I'll let them kill each other and then build something new and better on the ashes instead when they're done.

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