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go to the fort at the west side of the island you will find him there ( the spot with the canon ball and gunpowder he will be there

Originally Posted by chinadoll View Post
Hey guys, I was wondering if you could please help me, if so that would be lovely thanks.

I'm playing secret of MI special edition. I'm at the part where I received the navigator head from the friendly cannibals. I've left the village a few times, came back and supposedly herman is supposed to come so I can give him his banana picker. (I don't even know why he needs that thing since it seems like he has enough energy to go get enough bananas himself seeing as he pops up all over the damn place except for the one time i need him to pop up)

He came before and talked about the monkey key and his missing banana picker, but I left him, and after that he's never come back again.

I can press "h" and it says "find herman and give him the banana picker" but I can't find him anywhere else.
I've looked through walkthroughs and they all say he's supposed to appear when you re-enter the village and walk to your right. and i've done that and it's a no-go.

Any suggestions?
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