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You think that he may be upset that you and I are together?

Tavaryn gave a wry grin and sent back, Of that I have no doubt. He would eventually talk to Xandros but right now it seemed better that he talk tot he person that he had the most contact with. It seemed only fair since he was just but what a boy then.

He turned to Kavrik and said, "I wouldn't go saying bad things about the Ebon Hawk. It's pretty much the pride and joy of the family even if it is on the side of being a scrap pile."


Jun-la was busy seeing to Kaillian's needs when her comm went off. Now that the danger was lessened, they could come out of hiding.

Lady Jun-la, this is Alriana. We're about to go out on a mission and we're wondering if you would like to come along.

Jun-la looked at Matton who gave a nod. It would be hard being away from Kaillian but it seemed that Alriana needed her even if the message didn't really imply that.

"Alri need Mama," Kaillian said. She held Belina's medal in her fist as she looked up at her parents. "Will ease Tavy's mind."

Jun-la couldn't help but smile at her daughter's perceptiveness. She replied, "lright. I'll meet you at the ship."

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