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- some changes regarding the game's registry entries
- fixed an issue that could cause a DVD version to be treated as a CD
- minor cosmetic changes

- added the option to disable debug mode; this probably should've been included from the beginning
- fixed a stupid bug that could cause file check to return incorrect file count

This really should be the final update.

I always removed the old version when uploading a new one and wasn't keeping dl count but I think that so far, GrimInstaller has a total of something like 10 downloads. Not exactly a hit. Nonetheless, I had enough intrinsic motivation and I'm satisfied with the job done. For the most part, it seems that the Grim scene has moved on to the ninth underworld by now but it looks like something's happening with the Residual project after all. So the Number 9 will be safe to ride but I'm sure that every now and then there will be a lost soul who'll make use of my Excelsior line.
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