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Wouldn't dream of it

Tavaryn gave a wry grin. "I know you wouldn't. Merely stating that to make ignorant comments gets you nowhere. At least when it concerns that ship." he gave a slight chuckle finding the whole thing humorous. He had made plenty of jokes himself about the Ebon Hawk.

He gave a last look at Alriana before letting her go.

Ebon Hawk

"I have to admit, it going to feel a bit weird not having Matton in the pilot's seat, or not having Tonatius help me in the gun turrets. Still, I suppose someone has to stay behind to look after Kaillian."

Jun-la gave a slight smile and replied, "We share. When Matton has to go, I stay. We understand that our jobs will require us to be away for some time."

"And on that topic, there's something I could use your advice on."

"I won't guess at what it is and I may have an idea but if you want to talk that is fine with me," Jun-la replied as she ran through the last of the checks.

At the last moment, Andros came sprinting in saying, "Didn't think I would miss all the fun as your co-pilot right master?" He gave a glance at his sister, "Hi Kal."

Jun-la replied with a smile, "I take it someone has been poking his nose where he shouldn't but it's all right. Do a final check and Kalla, check with Alriana to make sure everyone is on board."

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