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Lying down in his bed, Valek was thinking about his past. Images of Eldravin were being shoved in his face, and the images of the excavation site were gnawing at his subconscious. He knew that he would have to return to Eldravin eventually, so he started thinking about who he should bring with him, and when he should go. After Dagobah would sound good. Well, he would have to, since it's impossible to go before it. He also started wondering on what the artifact was, but still stood firm on his stance that it was just a Sith Temple.

He was interrupted by a sudden flow of words. The armor! Valek had fallen asleep for almost a half hour, so he ran to the elevator and went to deck 7 - section 32. The quartermaster had the armor looking as good as new, and handed it to Valek.

"Now you better get goin'. I bet they're waiting for you in the hanger.", said the quartermaster.

"Thanks.", Valek replied simply.

He went back into his quarters and put on the armor. His datapad was placed inside of the pouch on his leg by the quartermaster, so he picked it up and deleted what few information was on it. He placed it onto the table and walked towards the plasteel cylinder. He placed the lightsaber on his belt, the vibrosword on his belt as well, but kept the rifle and helmet in both of his hands.

He walked towards the elevator and promptly went to the mess hall to grab a quick snack.

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