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Okay, I've come here today to ask about another scripting woe of mine...Here seems to be something that has nothing wrong with it, yet calamity breaks loose when I attempt to use it:

void main() 



    object oNPC = GetObjectByTag("danm50_merc01");

     object oNPC1 = GetObjectByTag("danm50_merc02");

     object oNPC2 = GetObjectByTag("danm50_secc");

    object oNPC3 = GetObjectByTag("danm50_ethan");

    object oNPC4 = GetObjectByTag("danm50_doha");

    object oNPC5 = GetObjectByTag("danm50_dohad");

    object oNPC6 = GetObjectByTag("danm50_foyerg1");

    object oNPC7 = GetObjectByTag("danm50_foyerg2");

		object oDoor=GetObjectByTag("danm50_doorsec");

 AssignCommand(oNPC6, SetFacingPoint(GetPosition(GetObjectByTag("danm50_doorsec"))));

 AssignCommand(oNPC7, SetFacingPoint(GetPosition(GetObjectByTag("danm50_doorsec"))));
 AssignCommand(oNPC2, SetFacingPoint(GetPosition(GetObjectByTag("danm50_doorsec"))));

DelayCommand(1.0, AssignCommand(oNPC6, ActionForceMoveToLocation (Location(Vector(-42.73, 121.91, 57.50), 0.0))));

DelayCommand(1.0, AssignCommand(oNPC7, ActionForceMoveToLocation (Location(Vector(-47.20, 121.91, 57.50), 0.0))));

DelayCommand(1.0, AssignCommand(oNPC4, ActionForceMoveToLocation (Location(Vector(-46.96,123.91,57.50),0.0))));

DelayCommand(1.0, AssignCommand(oNPC5, ActionForceMoveToLocation (Location(Vector(-45.12,124.03,57.50),0.0))));

DelayCommand(1.0, AssignCommand(oNPC3, ActionForceMoveToLocation (Location(Vector(-42.95,124.00,57.50),0.0))));

DelayCommand(1.0, AssignCommand(oNPC, ActionForceMoveToLocation (Location(Vector(-42.61,126.81,57.50),0.0))));

DelayCommand(1.0, AssignCommand(oNPC1, ActionForceMoveToLocation (Location(Vector(-46.89,126.65,57.50),0.0))));

DelayCommand(1.0, AssignCommand(oNPC2, ActionForceMoveToLocation (Location(Vector(-44.99,122.16,57.50),0.0))));

DelayCommand(4.0, AssignCommand(oDoor, ActionOpenDoor(oDoor)));

DelayCommand(8.0, AssignCommand(oDoor, ActionCloseDoor(oDoor)));

Now I know it's a behmoth filled with a bunch of walking commands, but I used a script with the exact same number of walking commands earlier in the same module (Check Dantooine Tension's last video update for visual). Basically, what occurs when I use this script is a half-way achievement of what it should do.

danm50_foyerg's 1 and 2, danm50_secc, and danm50_doha all move to just infront of the door, rather than passing through it and continuing to their specified location. The other NPC's take 1-3 hesitant steps and then stop completely. I have no idea what's going on here, perhaps someone could shed some light?

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