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Been doing some postproject cleanup. I came to a dilemma about what to do with non-english game versions I had obtained for the sake of providing/testing support. I'm never going to play them since I don't speak the languages (just a bit of Italian) but deleting them was not an option because they were not easy to come by. Some of them are on the brink of extinction online and if I should ever need them again, they may be impossible to get. I have a serious diskspace problem (and no cash to do something about it) so the logical choice was to store them on dvd. Then I thought, why not make it proper? I put in a bit of extra work, made a modified version of installer and the result is:

Some files are common across versions so instead of 6, the whole thing weighs 3.5 GB and fits comfortably on a DVD-5. So now I'm a proud holder of a Grim Fandango multilanguage disc.
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