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Get Alpha team and the other three squads ready for deployment. Get them to meet in the shuttlebay as soon as possible. We're going to be leaving soon.

Tavaryn gave a mock salute. "Roger that sir." He then left to call for a briefing of his men while sending out notice that the other squads were being requested. He was giving orders to his group and asked for questions.

Scatty, the comm officer merely grinned, "Slugging through swamps. My kind of mission."

Tavaryn couldn't help but smile. "I know that we've needed a change from the usual but this isn't our first time out. We're at war and standing up for the principles of democracy. We are Alpha Team... not the regular grunts. We are the elite. Let's act like it out there. Hoorah."


The rest of the time was preparation in getting the battlesuits ready and on the team members. After countless missions and sometimes deep into enemy territory, it was like pulling on a well worn pair of pants. Everything was clicked into place as Tavaryn went to a specialized terminal and said, "Ready to go Tara?"

The pad lit up and a woman stood on it dressed in a flight jacket, pants and boots. Her hair was cut short in a bob and she had a saucy look about her. She looked up at Tavaryn and said, "For you always LT. All systems are go."

Tavaryn nodded and punched in his access code and Tara shrank and he pulled out a datacard. Sighing he put on his helmet and put the datacard in. Once they were on the surface of Dagobah, Tara would be able to interface and scan terrain and relay it to the displays on the rest of Alpha Team's huds through the interlink as well as keep track of the status of all team members. It was recent upgrade to the powersuits and was on trial since there had been some problems where suits malfunctioned and operators didn't know it.

Tavaryn sighed when he was selected to head the program but he accepted. That meant getting fit with implants to interact with the AI. That meant time in medbay which was a production in of itself and not to mention that he learned that the AI had chosen him in the first place. It was a joke that he had a digital stalker and one he grumbled slightly over but took in good humor.

"Ready and online," her voice sounded in his ear.

"Yeah I bet," he muttered in a mock scowl. Out loud he said, "Alpha Team, mount up."

At the hangar bay, he addressed Garja, "Sir. What are your orders?"


"I thought you were going straight to Dagobah with the main group."

Andros grinned at his sister as he sat in the co-pilot seat and began making sure all systems were go. He replied, "Come on now sis. Dad will be covered. Besides he's got Alpha Team with him and their even better now with that new AI system they got going for them. Belina's pet project."

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