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Question Force Unleashed 2 PC: Unplayable?! (controls don't work)

Okay I'm on a laptop (which only has USB inputs). Brand new (2011) system, with keyboard, mouse, and I have a special adapter that can read real Xbox, Playstation 2 or Gamecube controllers (produced by Mayflash, makers of great adapters for console controllers on the PC!). I have Joy2Key as well which lets me map keys and mice to any joystick button/stick.

Anyway, once I run The Force Unleashed II, I can set stuff up in the menus just fine with my keyboard/mouse but as soon as I enter the actual game and try to play, my character won't move a muscle. I can't get him to do anything, period!

All I can do is watch him get shot until I get tired of that and hit escape to go back to the menus. Yes, I have the 1.1 patch installed and I'm on the North American version.

I started a thread about it in the tech support area as well but wasn't sure if anybody was watching that forum. Any help is most appreciated.

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