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Ebon Hawk

"Is something wrong? You've been acting kind of odd lately."

Alriana shook her head. "No...nothing's wrong at all." She said as she made her way to the cockpit. "I've just been a bit worried recently about recent events. Nothing to really worry about. be honest..."

"I found out that I'm pregnant." She said quietly so no one else could overhear her. "Don't get me wrong, Tavaryn and I are both excited but I have been kind of worrying. Could we have waited until the sith threat had passed? Don't get me wrong, we didn't really plan on this but still..."

"I hope I'm not interrupting but, I think you might need a medical officer on board?",

Alriana looked up and smiled. "Welcome aboard. We're off on a rescue mission so of course we could use a medical officer."


"Sir. What are your orders?"

"Stand by until we reach Dagobah." Garja said as the Ackbar entered hyperspace with a small group of heavily armed ships. "We should be there in around half an hour."
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