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Ok, do here are some screens of my characters, I only took screenshots on my Jedi and Sith.

Salvik - Level 16 Balmorra - Alignment Dark II

Vras - Level 15 Balmorra [Korriban Currently]

Zelmar - Level 23 Tatooine [Taris Currently] [Zelmar Blinked when I took the picture]

And I have a quick question everyone, where do I get the Warlords chest piece [Malgus Chest Armor]? I currently have the Warlords Greaves [Malgus Pants], Warlords Boots [Malgus Boots], Warlords Belt [Malgus Belt], and all I need is the chest piece, all i know is that you probably get it on Dromund Kaas, but can anyone please direct me on how and where to get it? And it is real because I saw a few people wearing the armor on themselves, on Dromund Kaas.

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