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Great post JCarter426!!

At first reading, I was wishing there were a link to a tutorial somewhere... then realized I was reading one! Nicely done

I have a small question about this though:
void main() {

	object oNPC = GetObjectByTag("NPC_tag", 0);
	int iNPC = NPC_INTEGER;   <-- ???

AddAvailableNPCByObject(iNPC, oNPC);
SetNPCSelectability(iNPC, 1);

Where does the value NPC_INTEGER come from? It probably is an integer constant from nwscript, so I am wondering what object it is being obtained from, and how... I would think it would need to be something along the lines of
int iNPC = GetSomeInfoFromObject(oNPC); This function compiles for me all the time ;)
I believe that what you posted is correct, so really I am asking for further enlightenment

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