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Originally Posted by JCarter426
I used these for a script that switches the active PC to a party member. I needed to get the integer of the current PC and store it, check if who I'm turning into is available, make sure the two aren't the same, remove who I'm switching to from the party if present so the game doesn't CRASH, add the other party members back into the party (with the integer), and various other things - and give different error messages depending on the situation. Took me days to sort out all the possibilities.
Most interesting... The reason why I wondered this is because at the beginning of my SERIOUS scripting adventures, something you actually helped me with once upon a time, and sadly most of the thread was lost to a website database issue. Anyways, when I was needing to RemoveEffect(xxx) from a certain NPC, I needed to find the specific effect. I found it quite frustrating that there was no way to directly "get" the value - rather I had to use a loop and use GetCurrentEffect and compare that to my desired value, else GetNextEffect rinse'n'repeat.... It got the job done but it was IMO less than ideal.

My confusion I now recognize as one of those moments... NPC_INTEGER, where INTEGER is a placeholder for the actual data, eg MISSION or ATTON. I musta drank about 15 Dr. Peppers....

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