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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
1. Huh? Whoa. Derp. Hmm... I will pm you, perhaps chat over at the Hssiss or something. I did make a typo though, in that last post it should be k_pnd_1b_area.ncs that I cannot decompile. Not sure if there is a script named k_pnd_1b.ncs
You... you did it again.
No.... I had the audacity to rename Bioware's vanilla script with my tag. It could be old_k_pnd 1b_area.ncs, or diggitydo.ncs.
You did it again!

But that's all I meant, it's k_pend_1b_area... make sure you're being consistent.
He is no longer in your party.... Do we really know if he dies there
Everything could be spawned in and done by the end of your first conversation with him, I think, if it were to be injected into the dialog script spots.
Yeah but... it's a different module. If you did want to use the dialogues, you'd need Carth, since he's the only one who ever says anything there.
The Stalker and 2 assassins spawn in. None of them spawn in correctly except for oddly one assassin, but their spawn in is unreliable. The Stalker spawns in the correct location but is no longer invisible when the encounter should occur. There is no footlocker at all, of course that could simply be an orientation issue, although I have played with it to no avail.
Ok, now, no guarantees here. I have no idea why any of these things should be so, but I've observed them to be true.

First, vectors sometimes just don't work. But in cases where they don't, waypoints usually do. My best guess is that it has to do with how much of the area is actually loaded at any given time - waypoints are spawned in when the module is loaded, so they always exist no matter what. So even if your coordinates are correct - check that first, obviously - it might not spawn anything because it doesn't register the vector as being valid. So you might have to do it another way. That doesn't mean you have to edit the module, though - there might be waypoints nearby you can use, and even if that fails, vectors might work in combination with the position of an existing object... and if that fails, you might be able to tell the NPCs to move to a better position once they are spawned... the footlocker, not so much.

Second, in a script with a switch, the game sometimes fails to assign commands to an object that was spawned in the same script. Honestly, I've changed switches to ifs in the past, absolutely nothing else, and everything worked perfectly.

Again, no guarantees. I have no reason why either of these is the way it is, but it does seem to be the way it is.

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